Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New way of Life

It's been a while since I posted. I'm busy. But I'm still cooking. And I'm still sipping. Since July I have been on the south beach diet. I lost the last twenty pounds that I needed to shed and then maintained that weight loss. I feel better and look better.
I also have changed the way that I eat, the way that I think about food, and the way that I cook. I no longer think you need a starch on the plate. When I do a protein main dish, I look for two sides that are different colors. I never thought so much about color on a plate before, but green can get monotonous.
There are a surprising amount of recipes that stay true to the South Beach way of eating, especially once you get past phase one. Of course, these days I often "cheat" on the weekends and then have to reign myself in by doing phase one for a few days, but I honestly don't mind. I love good food. I read a menu very carefully and put a ton of thought into food. What will the flavors be? How will they work together? Will it be the best thing on the menu? I care. I can't do just any diet. I tried other's but the food wasn't good enough. Or there wasn't enough. I like South Beach, because I can eat more food And I can make it delicious. So delicious that I don't miss certain foods.
I still have wine too. No diet or way of life will change that for me. Delicious reds and crisp wines still appear every night. I'm not going to lie.
I have been even more actively involved in food since I started the South Beach, because it's often easier to prepare a healthful meal than find it in the quick food section of the grocery store. In fact, that's the biggest complaint I've heard about South Beach, is that it gets boring because people don't have time to cook and there are relatively limited quick choices. I thought people might appreciate a blog that chronicled someone's life and choices within the south beach diet who still loves and appreciates gourmet, full flavored and fun dishes. I'm not saying I'm a gourmet chef. I'm not. I have two children under three who need me and I'm exhausted when I start dinner at six thirty. But I do cook, and I strive to create something better each time.
I'll try to post my menu for the week each Monday, and share with you favorite recipe's and wines that I run across. I will also share with you the books on food that I am reading and possible share with you my forays into gardening that food.
Wish me luck.
Love, Amber